Are you considering using a Warren County staffing agency to fill an open position? It’s not uncommon for businesses to have trouble finding the right employee. In fact, according to, nearly half of small businesses say there are few or no qualified candidates for the positions they are looking to fill. To make matters worse,  simply finding someone to hire doesn’t necessarily mean that the individual will be equipped satisfy your company’s needs. This endless searching process wastes time and money.

Ironically, these same employers often avoid using staffing agencies because they believe cost to be a barrier. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Employers should weigh the cost of lost opportunity by having a position unfilled, the cost of having a poor hire, and the endless and tiresome cost of searching for a candidate. Hiring is a time-consuming and expensive process. But with the help of a staffing agency, you can ease some of that burden and save both time and money. Below, we will be looking at some of the top reasons as to why you should work with a Warren County staffing agency for your next hire:

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Why Use a Warren County Staffing Agency | You’ll Actually Save Money

As we mentioned previously, one of the main reasons employers veer away from working with employment agencies is because they are concerned about losing money. However, the right staffing agency will definitely save you money. When you hire someone, you need to invest in training and dedicate manpower to get them set up. Not to mention you’ll need to start paying them for their time too. And if that person turns out to be a bad hire, costs end up being even higher. Staffing agencies help reduce turnover, and in turn, the costs that come with it. They vet candidates before sending them to you to make sure the candidate is the right fit for your team.

Why Use a Warren County Staffing Agency | Networking and Connections

Staffing agencies have the best client and employee networks, by far. They are unmatched in their ability to find quality employees for companies seeking to fill specific needs. They are also in contact with local companies who are hiring. If you decide to call a staffing agency for a job, especially us, you’ll be able to find something that fits your needs. Contrary to other companies, we take a slightly different approach to staffing. We listen. We ask the right questions and pay attention to the little things that make all the difference. We strive to understand your vision and goals so that you always have the best possible staff now and in the future.

Why Use a Warren County Staffing Agency | Only Qualified Candidates

Staffing agencies are the experts in finding qualified candidates. They know and understand the industry you work in, and they are up to date on job skills and requirements. That means they are able to find a candidate you never would have been able to find on your own. Years of experience has allowed us to skillfully interpret a candidate’s resume, know what questions to ask in the interview and how to determine if a candidate is right for your team. Some agencies even prequalify candidates using proprietary assessments allowing them to place only the candidates they know have the skills for the job. Staffing agencies forge strong relationships with their clients to ensure they understand the company’s needs and find the candidates that not only have the skills they are looking for, but also fit their company culture.

Why Use a Warren County Staffing Agency | Save Time

Between writing a good job description, sorting through resumes and interviewing, getting someone new on your team can be a huge time investment. But when you have a full-time job of your own, you may not have the bandwidth to make hiring a priority, which means it could take even longer. It’s easy to put off hiring or to be lazy about choosing someone, but hiring is an important process that can’t be neglected. You need someone who can be solely dedicated to finding the right person, and a staffing agency can do that for you. The agency does the hard work of searching for and assessing candidates for the job, so that you don’t have to worry about it. You can focus on reviewing the best candidates presented to you, doing a few interviews and selecting the right person.

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